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Lipstick Refill


Shimmering rose quartz pink

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A shimmering rose quartz lip color that adds a little glitz to your everyday routine.

How to use

To use this naked wax refill, hold at the base and peel up using the black tab. Remove the black wax portion on the bottom, and slot into a clean, empty lipstick container. Remove the rest of the peelable wax and shimmering rose quartz lips are yours!




What's in it for you?

Shimmer and shine with this sweet and sparkling pink lip color from our vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly collection. Each of our lipsticks comes wrapped in protective wax which, once peeled off, allows the product to be dropped into our vintage-inspired case (sold separately) for easy and eco-friendly application. We've formulated all of our lipsticks with nourishing jojoba and castor oils, along with sunflower wax to lock in hydration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
love it!

I am very pale and this beautiful pinky colour suits me perfectly!

Not for me.

I recently bought this refill along with two other. I adore the other two but this one didn't work with my skin tone. I've got very pale skin and this colour didn't sit well on my face. For me the refill was too shiny and looks slightly more of a orange ting on me compared to the images supplied. I've recently tried to turn all my make-up and body products more Eco-friendly, therefore I love the fact that I'm able to re-use the case and order a different colour. To apply the refill isn't too hard just follow there tutorial.


Firstly, i loooove that this is packaging free. Lush helping me time and time again to a environmentally friendly self care routine xD
Secondly, the colour itself is a really nice shimmery nude with a tiny hint of pink. I will admit i expected it to be slightly pinker, and hoped it would have been because i am quite pale. However, that being said i think i pull it off and am excited to wear it out.
Would love these to come to all Lush shops so i don’t need to take a chance on the colour, but i’m glad i did.
The lipstick itself is such a lovely texture, doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on your lips at all.
I bought another lipstick with my order and love that one too, never buying any other type of lipstick again. Lush all the way!

Lovely colour

This has more of a shimmery, glittery look than it looks to have online, but it's still lovely. It doesn't have as much staying power as some of the reds do, and I've had to re-apply this more than once in a day.

My favourite lipstick by far!

As a lipstick queen I’m very impressed by lush lipsticks and keep reaching for this one when I’m choosing what to wear. They are by far the most moisturising and kind to my lips that I’ve encountered. The are beautifully pigmented and glide on like a dream. Yes they do need to be reapplied throughout the day and yes they have a shorter shelf life than other brands but they are completely natural and clean so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I love Kigali because it is so versatile. Stunning on the lips and gorgeous swiped on the cheeks and temples too for a soft glow.

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