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A two-in-one face wash that leaves both skin and facial hair bright, clean and touchably-soft thanks to enzymatic juices and moisturizing oils and butters.

How to use

Scoop a little cleanser out of the pot and massage into beard and skin before rinsing off and patting dry. Follow with other skin-brightening products such as Mask of Magnaminty face and body mask and Enzymion facial moisturiser for a long-lasting glow.

Smells like

Bright and zingy, like a refreshing pineapple seltzer.



How to store

Store in cool, dry conditions and handle with freshly washed hands. Best used fresh.


What's in it for you?

Keep things bright and bushy with this creamy wash for furry faces. Fresh pineapple juice is full of enzymes to cleanse the skin and zap away dirt and oil, while almond oil, jojoba oil and cupuaçu butter soften and tame even the most unruly beard. With the light citrusy scent of Brazillian orange oil and a super soft feel, your beard'll have more admirers than ever before!

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

this product is amazing, I even use it as an overnight mask sometimes also can be used as a hair product and gives hair a nice full bounce and some texture which is much needed ngl would recommend to all my friends.

Kalamazoo is amazing!!

My Fiancée bought it from the Lush store as she seen me struggling to tame my beard... I've tried.. Oils.. Balm... Shampoos.. Conditioners... Nothing and I mean NOTHING matches Kalamazoo.
My beard was coarse... And sharp... And a complete NIGHTMARE to try and tame..... After using Kalamazoo it is soft and springy.... Easy to maintain.... And smells amazing with that pineapple scent all day long.
She used complain about the feel of my beard and now she plays with it... Runs her fingers through it.. And it doesn't cut her fingers off... Result... 😂
Congratulations Lush on creating this masterpiece of beard control..... Guys.. If you're looking for something.. That smells amazing.. And an ALL rounder.. £11 for the small tub.. But I recommend you get the bigger one for £20....You will not be disappointed.. You can't beat Kalamazoo... I've been hooked.. 100%

Best face wash ever.

I've been meaning to write a review for this product, since I bought my first pot in June of this yrear. But I've just not got around to it, much to my shame!! After over 30 years looking for the perfect face wash for my combination skin, that just can't make it's mind up. This is PERFECT!! It moisturises lightly just where it needs to and cleans thoroughly in my oilier areas. I don't have a beard, which I know is the point of this product. But seriously, I cannot tell you how good it is on beard free skin. Please Lush do not ever discontinue tihis amazing product, I love it!! I've even got my dad using it. Who does have a beard and he also loves it.

Tames beard with no need for beard oils or balms

I was given this as a present by my wife after trying numerous beard washes in the shower and then beard oils or balms afterwards and never really finding the right combo.

This does both jobs in one better than anything I tried, so even though £10 for a small tub isn't cheap i found there was no need to spend money on expensive waxes etc

I found that most other beard washes left my beard coarse and dry and then balms and oils made it greasy and curl up at the sides in a daftly comedy way making me trim my beard off more than once when I had been trying to grow it out.

This washes the beard without drying it out and leaves it soft. If I brush my beard when it is still slightly damp I have found it sits perfectly without curls or greasiness and remains soft all day with no need for extra products.

My favourite lush product

I buy a lot of Lush products... some I know are luxury items, but Kalamazoo is my must have product. Don't need to use much of it (as you find out when you down to the last drop), but makes one hell of a difference in clearing your complexion and smoothness of skin. Sets you up for a shave and I don't feel the need to moisturise afterwards.

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