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Jason and the Argan Oil

Shiny, soft rose scented locks

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Soothe sensitive scalps and leave hair feeling soft with this packaging-free alternative to liquid shampoo made with the bestselling scent of Rose Jam Shower Gel.

How to use

Massage this rose and argan oil shampoo bar between hands or directly onto hair to create a lather. Work through the hair, then rinse and condition.

Smells like

A field of Turkish roses mashed into a sugary, cheerful jam.



How to store

Leave on the side in a cool dry place, ideally one of our cork pots, ready for when you need it.

Jason and the Argan Oil
Jason and the Argan Oil
Jason and the Argan Oil
Jason and the Argan Oil

What's in it for you?

On a quest for shinier, softer hair? Look no further! This luxurious Rose Jam-scented bar will help you achieve all your hair aspirations. Gorgeous Moroccan argan oil in a moisturizing glycerin base leaves hair smooth and shiny, and our fresh and sophisticated lemon-rose perfume will linger in your locks all day long. This solid self-preserving bar will last for up to 80 washes (that’s the work of up to three bottles of liquid shampoo!) and requires no packaging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 206 reviews
beautiful scent and money saver

I left it in my room for a week, and my whole room and the hallway smelt like fresh sweet rose jam and citrus. I used it by rubbing it directly onto my hair and after my hair is so soft and clean from the glycerine and the oils helped my hair become less oily. I can't wait to use this more!! Life hack: use a lush pot to store this and keep it dry.


Fantastic! Smells amazing, didn't strip my hair color and left it feeling super soft and lovely.

Dandruff or shampoo flakes

Honestly if I wanted to look like I have dandruff I would go back to cheap shampoo .... not happy


Amazing shampoo bar, makes my hair feel so clean! And it makes it look so shiney. It smells amazing too!

My first shampoo bar

I loved this one. It was a bit of a trial and error getting the the bar to stand (use the lid upright in the pot) as it kept getting stuck in the pot but I love it. I've figured it out and will forever use Lush's shampoo bars! Lathers really well and smells delicious.

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