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Happy Hippy

Zesty grapefruit wake up call

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Brighten grey days and skin with Happy Hippy. Packed with grapefruit and bergamot, it's a citrusy explosion for your skin and senses.

How to use

Full of grapefruit goodness to awaken your skin and enliven your mind, squeeze out and lather all over before rinsing off leaving you ready for the day.

Smells like

Zesty and energizing; like a grapefruit picked fresh off the tree.



Happy Hippy
Happy Hippy
Happy Hippy
Happy Hippy
Happy Hippy
Happy Hippy

What's in it for you?

This sunny, self-preserving shower gel is one of our happiest, a magic potion to make even the office seem inviting on Monday morning! Packed full of fresh grapefruit juice and zesty grapefruit and bergamot oils, this citrusy gel revitalizes both skin and mind to make you look and feel refreshed. Wash with this groovy gel when you wake up and spread the good vibes all day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Smells delicious

I’ve gone through a few lush scents but this is def my fav. Lathers nicely, smells so clean and the scent actually stays on your skin and in the bathroom for ages after 🍊🍋

Love this one

Love grapefruit smells, this one is great.

Juicy Grapefruityness

I was super uncertain about this as I love citrus smells and can be very picky, but the Graprefuit scent is perfect and smells divine. It's also a nice thick viscousity - a proper gel which means you don't squeeze too much without meaning to, yet it lathers nicely and feels amazing on the skin. And like always, a little goes a long way.

Happy Hippy

I love it so much, I recommend!

the color is not consistent

I just want to ask why the happy hippy doesn't have the color consistency because sometimes we receive clear color and sometimes we receive blurrily, what is the best answer for this so we can share with a customer because when I told the her that it's handmade and natural she said my answer it's not convincing.

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