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TLC for heat styled tresses

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This innovative, packaging-free treatment is great for dry, damaged, heat-styled hair looking for a new lease on life with nourishing oils and static-resistant guar gum.

How to use

Place your H.O.T in a mug and cover the top of the treatment with boiling water. Simply give your hot oil treatment a stir whilst adding small amounts of boiling water until it has completely melted. Allow the treatment to cool for 5 minutes or until cool enough to handle before applying to dry hair. Sit back and relax for 20 minutes before rinsing and shampooing out.

Smells like

Like cozying up beside a soft, powdery vanilla candle.


Contains avocado and almond oil.

How to store

Leave in a cool, dry place until you are ready to use! Made too much? Keep in the bathroom for a moisture top-up as often as you need for up to 4 weeks.


What's in it for you?

If your hair feels like damaged goods, stir up your routine with this hot oil treatment. Melt down this solid treatment and smooth the rich mixture through your locks. Extra virgin olive oil, almond oil and organic avocado oil nourish parched hair, leaving it smooth and shiny, and vanilla absolute perfumes locks with a long-lasting sweet and comforting scent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Ok product but not for me

I was a really big fan of your previous hot oil treatments.
Personal favourite was the detangle oil bar it would literally melt all my tangles away and I bought two at a time.
Unfortunately you discontinued the detangle hot oil treatment and I was hoping this one would replace it.
This hot oil treatment left my hair too brittle and with fairy knots so it doesn’t work for my hair unfortunately.
If you ever bring back the detangle treament I would definitely repurchase & had a option to have 2-3 in a pack that would be a good deal.
This products a no for me

THE BEST conditioner EVER...

Bum length hair, a mix of all 3s and 4a curly hair, black and silver, 64yrs old.
Never before had I seen such results of a conditioning... the first time I used it looked at it with disbelief...😯
I now use half a nugget, apply to dry hair in the morning, cover with a cap and get on with my chores.
I use no shampoo, simply massage my scalp well to remove dead skin and dust and rinse well.
I then use a Denman brush followed by medium wide toothed comb, parting the hair where I fancy it for that week.
I allow it to air dry and sleep in a satin 1 is always glorious...the hair moves and shines easily appropriate weight.
Each evening, I use some of the leftovers to clear tangles and slip the satin cap back on, even if it's a little damp.
The volume increases and is maximum at day 3, the hair feels soft, smooth and fabulous 👌 and continues to fall beautifully 😍
For value for money, it can't be beaten as 2 nuggets (£16) last a month...just think what a single trip to the salon for a deep conditioning would cost and I'm sure you'll agree
If you're OK with strangers stopping you to compliment your hair, then this is the product for you!

Love this mask!

Everyone seems to have a problem with the smell although it just smells like hot avocados to me!! Made my hair feel super nourished and love the concept of making it yourself (kind of haha)


I saw the review saying that it smelt fishy and I thought it must have just been a bad batch or something given the other good reviews but then I tried mine and it also STANK. There may not be fish oil in there but something is definitely making it smell fish-like. It also did nothing for my hair which is usually quite fine anyway so not in major need of extra hydration but after using this it was fluffy and looked drier than before! Not sure what's going on with this product Lush....

Le petit plus à ma routine cheveux

Je suis une adepte des soins Lush pour cheveux afro (Avocado, Glory, Super Milk, Renee's, Curl power, Revive..) il ne me manquait plus qu'un masque à poser et HOT m'ai apparu. Je sens mes cheveux bouclés et sec plus doux, plus épais, plus nourris, je recommande.
La moitié du soin remplit un pot de 330 ML (Conseil : Ne pas remplir à ras bord car le soin "gonfle" ! Remplir jusqu'à 1 cm du bord) une fois transformé, le soin devient "liquide" un peu gluant, mais reste très facilement applicable et se lave sans problème. J'adore.

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