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This is a supremely rich, thick and nourishing conditioner for those with curls, coils and textured hair looking to add serious hydration and shine.

How to use

Coat hair in this rich conditioner after shampooing, and comb through to detangle. Rinse out ready for styling.

Smells like

A grounding walk through a fresh forest in spring.




What's in it for you?

If you're tired of conditioners that don't get to the root of your hydration aspirations, look no further. To start, we blend in some okra gel—an ingredient rich in magnesium which volumizes without robbing you of definition and slip. Meanwhile, castor oil glides down to the ends of each strand, moisturizing and giving curls divine definition throughout the day. Then a heaping helping of coconut cream and fair trade olive oil sleeks down the cuticle for sensationally smooth and shiny hair. Ready to give your crowning glory the treatment it deserves?

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews

I got given a sample of Glory to try recently (I usually use Power conditioner) and...oh boy, now I don't know which one I prefer. To me, Glory smells like gingernut biscuits and the smell is so strong, it stays around for a few hours after my shower. It makes my hair (long, thin and straight) really silky and smooth. Expensive but you don't need much and it's such a beautiful product. Well worth it!

Best Lush conditioner EVER

I have wanted to love Lush conditioners as much I love other products for years, but until now, there was never one rich enough for my thickish, wavyish caucasian hair, but that also smelled lovely. Rehab does work but I can´t bear the smell. Thanks to Glory, I can now have soft, detangled, deliciously-scented hair, without having to put petrochemically derived nasties on it. I am absolutely delighted with this product and will be buying buckets of it for ever more. It smooths the frizz without adding grease.

Glorious conditioner

This conditioner makes my hair so soft and nourished. i love the texture and the smell, it's just glorious.

Lush fan
Not suitable

I have extremely thick wirey hair and was recommended this by a member of your staff. Unfortunately it definitely didn’t work for me. It did detangle my hair but the problem was after washing it out my hair felt unclean and it felt like the product just wouldn’t wash out of my hair. After drying, my hair felt lank and full of product, even though I know I thoroughly washed all of it out. Sorry wouldn’t buy again,


I was given a sample of glory at the Plymouth store. I had previously tried power first time it was great second time my hair greased up quickly which is why I've waited to review.firstly it's super simple to use and comb thru. I tend to wash my hair then comb the conditioner through then rinse after about 15 mins.even after towel drying my hair is really easy to comb through.My hair feels super clean smells lush it reminds me of the old bath bomb guardians of the forest. the scent I find very pleasing though I get why some could find it strong. the scent lingers really well. I can leave my hair 4 plus days between washes. even after a few days and getting caught in torrential rain my hair still felt really soft. the shine on my hair is absolutely amazing but the biggest bonus is that my scalp is no where near as itchy as it usually it. as my scalp can be so dry. I was so impressed with it i went and got the big tub of it and although it is far from cheap I imagine it's going to last a very long time as with my shoulder length I will only need a tiny amount each time it's washed. I've used my sample twice and it barely looks as if its been touched I can't recommend this conditioner enough xx

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