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Calming calamine soap bar

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An ultra-gentle cleanser for sensitive, troubled skin with soothing calamine powder, balancing lavender oil and cleansing tea tree oil.

How to use

Simply lather in your hands and massage over wet skin before rinsing away for a soothed, calm finish. Follow with other gently cleansing products such as Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask and Full of Grace naked facial oil.

Smells like

Grounding and soothing; pummeled herbs and clays.



How to store

Keep on a soap dish or in a Lush tin to use again and again.

Fresh Farmacy
Fresh Farmacy
Fresh Farmacy
Fresh Farmacy

What's in it for you?

Feel like you have the world’s most sensitive skin? Allow us to prescribe you a bar of our pale pink cleansing bar with chamomile extract to calm, rose and lavender to soothe dry patches, and tea tree to keep skin clean and clear. With lots of calamine powder to calm troubled skin, this facial soap is great for gently easing skin back into balance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Love how this product wasn't tested on animals

Read every single detail of every ingredients used for this product. Also love the natural ingredients used. It is quite expensive but really worth buying. Would definitely recommend this to a friend or any relatives if they're looking for organic soaps.

My skin love this

I've been using this for around 9 months now and it's honestly the best product I've found for my skin (slightly sensitive, mixed areas of dry/oily). I love it.

Gentle and calming

I have used this soap on and off for years, I love the slightly medicinal scent!
Now I can't live without it. I have lupus which causes a rash on my face which is aggravated by ALL other facial cleansers. Although I still have to use prescription creams on my skin, using this soap means I can wear make up safe in the knowledge I can wash it off without my skin reacting. PLEASE never stop making it!

Skin Type

I've noticed a lot of bad reviews for this soap.
My girlfriend bought it for me as my face was breaking out with really sore spots from my pores being aggravated by sawdust and dirt from work.

I've been using this soap for about 3 months now and I cannot believe the results, I have never used a product that actually keeps my skin as clear as this soap does.

I don't know much, if anything, about skin types, but I assume this soap is just right for mine.

I also use the 'Mask of Magnaminty' every other day with this soap, which helps with moisturising the skin. Awesome combo.

Best soap for my skin

I have combination skin but my oily parts are really bad. I have used this product on/off for years. When I run out it doesn't take long for my skin to breakout. Years ago this didn't work but only because I was using the wrong moisturiser. During covid I found hydro boost moisturiser which works perfectly with this soap. Yes it dries my skin but it cleans it so well. If you have a good combination of products each one works to it best potential. Due to a shop not being near I have to buy online which works out alot as I try to buy in bulk.

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