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Enchanted Eye Cream

A delicate eye cream

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The skin under your eyes is extremely delicate, so only the gentlest ingredients should be used to keep skin firm and supple. Dab this soothing blend of calming lavender honey water and vitamin E-rich almond oil to leave skin soothed and hydrated. Perfect for all skin types, a little dab every day is all you need to stay looking fresh.
How to use

Gently dab on the line of your cheek bone up towards the brow bone and around your eye area morning and night. Use after other gentle products such as 7 to 3 cleansing wipe or Ultrabland facial cleanser for a hydrated, brightened eye area.



Enchanted Eye Cream
Enchanted Eye Cream
Enchanted Eye Cream
Enchanted Eye Cream

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Feels so Nice!

I have always had difficulty finding and eye cream I am happy with. I have now found it and it is perfect. It feels silky soft around my eyes and depuffs them when most swollen. Feels luxurious and delicate and does not irritate. I am going to try putting it in the refrigerator! This is absolutely worth the money. If you're on the fence, go ahead and leap. You won't be sorry.

Great product

It’s my first time buying some eye cream and I’m not disappointed. I’ve been using it twice a day for a few weeks now and I can already see the difference. My eye area feels more fresh and healthier than before.

Wonderful except for the packaging

I've been buying this on and off for years and agree 100% with the previous reviewer: the actual eye cream is brilliant, but Lush really needs to do something about the packaging. The dispenser thingy sometimes works but sometimes doesn't, so often I end up unscrewing the top and putting it all in a different container. Seems like a real waste of plastic to have this fiddly functionality that doesn't even work, and that's the reason why I keep going off and trying new eye creams. But the reason I keep coming back to this one is that it's the only eye cream I've found where the shop will actually take the packaging for recycling, AND it's a lovely light cream that smoothes the eye area without leaving a sticky residue.

Excellent Eye Cream

I first received a sample for this and used it for just under two weeks. I was so impressed - I ended up buying a bottle! I’ve used many different eye creams before this, drugstore, high street, designer, but this one actually works?? For how long it lasts and its effects, I believe that the price is reasonable. It’s been upgraded to (my) HOLY GRAIL status!!

My eyes are very sensitive, and no other eye cream worked on me before until I used this. My eye bags became less noticeable, the fine lines are less obvious, and generally it helps me look more well rested than I actually am! It has a very light consistency, absorbs immediately and has no scent at all (which is nice). It keeps my eyes very moisturised without leaving it greasy.

I didn’t expect this to work this well on me, but am so glad that I have this in my life now! I think everyone should try this!

Has helped with dry eyes

I’ve used this for years but now an essential! I’ve developed very dry eyes and use eye drops regularly but I’ve noticed that when I haven’t used enchanted eye cream they dry out faster meaning I have to use my eye drops more frequently than recommended. I don’t know the science behind this just know that my eyes retain moisture better when I use it. Brilliant!

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