Eau Roma Water

Skin soothing floral infusion

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A calming, soothing toner for mature, dry and sensitive skin looking to calm redness and stay fresh, hydrated and comfortable.

How to use

Spray directly onto your face for a quick refresh or spritz onto a reusable cotton pad to remove any traces of makeup or cleanser. Use with other soothing products such as Angels on Bare Skin and Celestial for soft, calm and hydrated skin.


Green: Natural ingredients
Black: Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils

Smells like

A soothing cup of rose and lavender tea.



How to store

Best used fresh.

Eau Roma Water
Eau Roma Water
Eau Roma Water
Eau Roma Water
Eau Roma Water

What's in it for you?

In a world of technology-loaded cosmetics, choosing a toner with just two active ingredients may seem unusual. But when those two ingredients work perfectly to calm, soothe, moisturize and balance skin, why use anything else? Rose water cools irritations and keeps redness at bay, while lavender helps to balance out the skin's oils, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Eau Roma is simple, effective skincare at its best!

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
surprisingly calming and restorative

Both sides of my cheeks suffer from broken skin barriers which have been causing redness and pain from just having anything on my face,yesterday while i was doing my usual skin care routine,those both sides started hurting a lot to the point where its starting to get unbearable,i noticed that my usual toner has already been all ran out so i ended up using this toner to hopefully calm my face down a bit since i do remember it having that kind of effect,i didn't have that much expectation on this product since Lush is basically a brand that mainly sells soaps that smell good and similar products that mainly target fragrances and such,i just sprayed it on my toner pads and left them on both of my cheeks for around 10 minutes,afterwards all of the redness are basically gone and they just stopped hurting almost instantly the second i put them on,its really amazing and honestly unexpected

Great for keeping make up intact

I use this over make up to keep it on for longer throughout the day. It’s a fabulous product that changed my skin completely. Subtly fragranced, it ads a certain glow to my complexion, even when applied over make up. Will keep buying.

Very good quality

Is very good, I use it before moisturiser or on its own . I’m sticking to this one now

Surprisingly awesome

I really wasn't expecting to be so impressed by a toner, but this smells incredible and is so soothing on the skin! I use it after Ultrabland or Angels on Bare Skin and follow up with Imperialis, and my temperamental combination skin is very happy (it's also really refreshing in hot weather if you keep it in the fridge).


I keep mine in the fridge and it’s a perfect spritz on a hot afternoon

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