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Dream Cream

Oat & Lavender cult classic

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Help is here for irritated, sensitive skin with this powerhouse packed with some of our most soothing ingredients like rose, lavender, and oat milk.

How to use

Apply generously to flaking or visibly dry skin, or simply all over the body to keep your skin feeling dreamy. It’s super easily absorbed and lovely after you’ve been in the sun too.

Smells like

Soft hints of oat milk and lavender.



How to store

Store in cool, dry conditions and handle with freshly washed hands. Best used fresh.

Dream Cream
Dream Cream
Dream Cream
Dream Cream
Dream Cream

What's in it for you?

If your skin reacts to just about anything, treat it to this classic, calming blend of oat milk, lavender and chamomile: it's gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Olive oil and cocoa butter are great for softening up dry or chapped skin, and rose oil helps to tone down redness and irritation. Do your skin a favor and treat it right with Dream Cream.

Customer Reviews

Based on 219 reviews
Perfect for sensitive skin

I've struggled for many years finding the perfect cream for my sensitive skin that can easily break out in rashes IYKY - The struggle is real.

I recently brought the smallest tub to trial on my skin a few weeks ago, and i can honestly say its left my skin feeling so good and hydrated without a single rash break out!!!

I've already finished my tub and have come back to buy the biggest tub cause it's worked wonders on my skin. So in love with the dream cream, would definitely recommend for those who have really sensitive skin like me❤️❤️❤️


My hubby bought me this on a shopping trip I couldn't go on and I was dubious as I suffer from psoriasis which, at its worst, cracks and bleeds. Wow wow wow! This is absolutely amazing! It soothed my skin immediately and stopped the splitting. I admit I'm not a fan of lavender but this is not too strong and I will definitely be buying more!

Lush Dream Cream
While price increased, the quality has gone down

I bought my first Dream Cream original back in March (Feb or Jan batch), almost running out of it now, so I went to the store to purchase the same formula. The one I've got is so diluted, more watery, less scented, less moisturising, and paler colour, and this new one is a May batch from a female maker. I went to the shop to change to another one with May batch, but the same maker as the very first one I fell in love with. This latest one is still as watery. Moreover, it smells like sour herbs or teatree oil. I'm very disappointed.

If you struggle with itchy skin…

I’ve spent the last few years furiously scratching my legs throughout the day. I have super sensitive skin and have struggled with finding lotions that help.
Someone gifted me this and the itching has stopped immediately. It actually feels like I’ve put a miracle on my skin. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but this has changed my life and I can’t believe it. Just give it a go if you’re on the fence.


My 9 year old got a voucher for her birthday and bought this cream for her face and some lovely bath bombs too. Within 2 days I noticed her skin was beautifully glowing! Small pot for the price, but does last. I will be buying some for myself to use on my face too!

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