Dirty Styling Cream

Get firm with your hair

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Soften your hair while you style it with this unique firm hold product that's great for shorter, straighter hair seeking to lock their look in place with the bestselling Dirty scent.

How to use

Take a 5p amount at a time, work between the fingers or palms, and apply where needed on wet or dry hair until you are happy with the result. Designed for thick hair, although anyone can use it. For best results always work any styling product from the back to the front of the scalp before combing into place.

Smells like

An earthy, fresh forest on the oceans edge.



Dirty Styling Cream
Dirty Styling Cream
Dirty Styling Cream
Dirty Styling Cream
Dirty Styling Cream

What's in it for you?

Give your hair the up and down with this medium-to-firm-hold hair cream. Its fair trade cocoa butter base hydrates locks and creates a soft, natural-looking hold that's easy to manage. And its earthy blend of sandalwood, pine and oakmoss builds a refreshing woodsy fragrance that keeps you grounded, wherever your day takes you. Layer it with the rest of the Dirty range to craft an energizing scent with notes of spearmint, tarragon and a breath of fresh sea air.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Has this changed?

Have been using this for years. Recently bought a new pot having got to the bottom of a large one (which lasts me between six and twelve months) and the formula seems to have changed - the consistency is different, appearing runnier than before, the smell isn’t as strong and it doesn’t keep my hair in place as well. Has the formula changed or have I just got a bad batch?


An aunt of mine let me borrow this to try and bring out my curls after cutting my hair around my collarbone and it was the first time I've seen myself with real curls in my hair since I was little! Even though it's not designed for it, I'd absolutely recommend it for styling curls as a beginner who didn't know a lot about that kind of hair care!

Don't change what is perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will stop buying cosmetics in LUSH until they go back to old formula. Nearly all cosmetics I used are changed for bad. I was happy to go back and buy my favourites even if the prices go up but new formulas are not working. I will look for new shop. :(

Just beautiful

I was recently given this and I absolutely LOVE it! It applies well and the beautiful smell lasts all day.

Great products and professional staff

I got the product delivered to my house and then I went to the store to check out the full collection I loved the hair conditioner and styling cream I'll give it a 5 star. The staff were so lovely as well especially Ehsan from Zahia City center branch a big thank you to her and I'll definitely be ordering again.

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