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Deep Sleep

Lavender, chamomile and magnesium dream team

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Relax with a topical magnesium and lavender oil massage, then sink into bed for a restful slumber.

How to use

Our Lush Spa therapists think this massage bar is ideal to use as part of your bedtime routine. Warm the bar in your hands and apply with soothing massage techniques to your arms, chest and shoulders, before you pop your pyjamas on. You may find benefit from applying the massage bar directly to a problem area, such as the lower back, calves, or feet.

Smells like

An evening breeze over lavender fields.



How to store

Keep these buttery bars fresh and clean in a lidded container like one of our oval tins. In hot weather, store in the fridge to avoid meltdowns.

Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep

What's in it for you?

Feeling restless at bedtime? We’ve created the most restful massage bar ever by combining the soothing powers of magnesium oil with a triple dose of lavender, calming chamomile and blissful neroli. Rub this bar across your shoulder blades and lower back, where lots of tension can be stored, breathe deeply as you relax, then cozy up in bed and drift away into a peaceful slumber.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Smells so good

I brought this massage bar due to the lavender smell and I assumed it helped with achy muscles. It doesn’t help with aches and pains, but the smell is Devine. It smells exactly like lavender essential oils, so I am obsessed. I’m just saddened it doesn’t help with aches, such as sore feet after work. Otherwise it’s a great massage bar. I’ve used it everyday since getting it and sit in bed rubbing it over my arms and chest so I can smell the lavender 🤤

New favourite!

I was so sad when I realised the ‘hottie’ massage bar had gone, but I’ve definitely found a new favourite! Strong lavender scent with a hint of chamomile, the smell reminds me of the ‘full of grace’ serum bar. It doesn’t sting like other topical magnesium products I’ve used which is a big plus, very relaxing before bed. Highly recommend- Lush please don’t discontinue this one!

The BEST massage bar Lush has ever made

This massage bar is honestly amazing. Jet lag, restless legs, achey shoulders, I use it for everything. Smells amazing and glides onto the skin really nicely, I can't recommend it enough.

Helped me sleep

This massage bar is much more herbal lavender than a blended lavender scent which I really like, that only became obvious as I used it after sleepy shower gel, which is sweet smelling to me, to try and unwind for the evening. My sleep has been patchy at best over the last few month, due to hormonal changes mainly, but I was really surprised to wake up the next day having had 10 hours sleep, utterly flat out and tracked on my watch. Each time I've used the bar since I've had a really great nights sleep.
Great for stress busting, sleep, self care and lovely soft skin!

Perfect before bed!

I’ve been waiting for decent magnesium products and have now tried all 3 of the new magnesium Lush massage bars. Myself and my husband cycle this Deep Sleep one with “After”, along with “Joints” CBD too (probably still our absolute favourite) on our legs every night before bed.

We do a lot of gym workouts, strength & conditioning, weight lifting, cycling and running and we now take at least one bar with us everywhere we travel, and use at home, to stop restless legs. We have both suffered with irritable legs / skin when training a lot and these help so much.

We’ve tried magnesium products a few times before to get the benefits but often find them maybe too concentrated and so stingy on the skin (which isn’t the relaxing vibe we’re going for before bed).

This bar smells very lavender(y). We like it but probably personally prefer the earthy smell of Joints (just a personal preference) but if you’re a fan at all of lavender and / or the existing Sleepy range then this is for you. It heats up & goes on really easily and does just what we need it to.

I’d say each bar lasts up about 1 week if both using it every night. Highly recommend, worth giving it a go as these have become staples for us.

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