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Bath bomb

Deep Sleep Cube

Dreamy magnesium soak

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Relaxing magnesium and calming lavender prepare you for a restful slumber.

How to use

Run your bath, drop this soothing Epsom salt cube in, and dive deep into the dream world while the soothing lavender scent fills the air. Once you’ve finished your bath, gently raise from the water and lightly towel your skin dry, before gracefully melting your accompanying Deep Sleep magnesium massage bar into your muscles for the ultimate bedtime routine.

Smells like

An evening breeze over lavender fields.



How to store

Keep in a cool and dry place until you're in need of a boost to your snooze skills.

Deep Sleep Cube
Deep Sleep Cube
Deep Sleep Cube
Deep Sleep Cube

What's in it for you?

Relax before bed in a warm bath with this dreamy, magnesium-rich cube. Made with 50% Epsom salt, calming chamomile and a triple dose of lavender to help soothe your body and mind. Once you’ve emerged from the bath, massage in the Deep Sleep Magnesium Massage Bar, then sink into bed and have a good night’s sleep.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Stroppy scot
Soft squib

I received this as a birthday gift and saved it till I could really enjoy it. It dissolved way too quickly and there was no fragrance whatsoever, so disappointed
The purple water was quite softening tho , so not all bad

Very relaxing!

I’m 9 months pregnant and been having terrible restless legs & sciatic pain and so glad I bought this. Really fizzy bath bomb with a lovely relaxing lavender scent, was so chilled out afterwards and slept well that night.
Only slight downside is it leaves a pink stain around the bath tub, came off easy enough but something to watch out for if your bath easily stains

Blissful, restful nights sleep

I haven’t rested/ slept like that in yonks. I’ve been training for a half marathon, and also pushing myself quite hard in challenging yoga poses over the past two weeks and my body had had enough! It needed to stop!
So, I decided to try this new Bath bomb and I can honestly say you feel so relaxed. After the bath I didn’t want to be near my (all consuming) phone and read all evening before dropping off into one of those dreamy slumbers. When I woke up I didn’t feel agitated or restless, or eager to get going. Instead, I spent the morning meditating, and dozing.
My muscles are still thankful for it now, and has given me time to listen to my body.
If you or a loved one is needing some r&r I’d highly recommend this. Well done Lush!

Great sleep

First time using this. I buy a lot of the Lush range, the goddess bath bomb being my favourite.
But I used this is in the bath last night, and I honestly slept like a baby.
I usually wake up through the night and I slept straight through.
I’ve not long spent a lot online but debating/justifying bulk buying a few off these now to give me a better nights sleep :)

Had a lovely deep sleep

This arrived yesterday and I used it last night. I loved the purple coloured bath water. The smell was divine and my skin felt great afterwards, and i really did have a lovley deep sleep

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