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Bath Bomb

Deep sleep

Lavender and chamomile infusion

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One of our most soothing bath bombs to date, this fizzer is perfect for anyone who needs to deeply and completely relax with three kinds of lavender and a splash of chamomile oil.
How to use

Wrapped in a biodegradable muslin, when you need to switch off and relax, run your bath and add this hypnotic lavender and neroli bath bomb. Drop in complete with the muslin cloth.

Smells like

An evening breeze over lavender fields.



How to store

Keep cool and dry until you feel the need for some serious soothing.

Deep sleep
Deep sleep
Deep sleep
Deep sleep

What's in it for you?

With lavender flowers, lavender oil and lavender absolute, Deep Sleep is a triple-hit of sleepy delights. Wrapped in biodegradable muslin, the lavender and Roman chamomile flowers infuse your water with a hypnotic blend of soothing floral scents, while neroli helps alleviate worries, so your mind can rest easy before you sink deep into sleep—in bed. Obviously.

Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Knocked me out like a light

Bought this bath bomb for a little getaway with my partner and not only did in smell absolutely amazing but I was asleep by 9:30pm which for me is super early. So relaxing 10/10 recommend

Lavender Bath Bomb

Absolutely amazing!! Usually only have 30 minutes in the bath regardless of what products I use, but this was something amazing!!! I spent 1:20 in the water felt so moisturising, will look to purchase more.

A Lovely Lavender Experience

I've never had a bath bomb like Deep Sleep and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I think it's definitely worth a try once, not sure I'll purchase again for myself (I am a try everything once kinda gal) but I would definitely purchase as a gift for someone else. Great value too, after you're done leave the muslin bag to dry out and place it wherever you please for a lovely lavender scent

Perfect for a Lavender Lover

Bought this twice now and love the fact that it comes in a Muslin cloth. This bath bomb helps me drift off so nicely. What makes it better if you leave the bag to dry out, you can pop it either in your wardrobe or under your pillow. So not wasting anything.

Perfect Sleep

I had this one as part of a set as a present and saved this one until last. I had the most perfect night sleep after soaking with this in the bath. I then opened the bag and popped a soap bar in and used it as an exfoliator. Worked perfect!! Bag didn’t go to waste for sure

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