Dark Angels

Polishing charcoal cleanser

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For sensitive skin with excess oil. It features deep-cleansing charcoal powder and rhassoul mud, exfoliating sugar and softening avocado oil.

How to use

Take a piece in the palm of your hand, mix with water and massage into skin. Then simply rinse away thoroughly with warm water to reveal strikingly sublime skin.

Smells like

The lightest hint of black licorice; clean and earthy charcoal.


Contains organic avocado oil.

How to store

Store in cool, dry conditions and handle with freshly washed hands. 100% preservative-free, this fresh cleanser is best used within 3 months of it's production date.

Dark Angels
Dark Angels
Dark Angels
Dark Angels

What's in it for you?

Black sugar and charcoal exfoliate and absorb excess oils to leave dull, oily or acne-prone skin feeling fresh and matte. Even oily skin can be sensitive, so we've made this one soft and soothing to calm redness and irritation, too. Its rhassoul mud base deeply cleanses to help prevent breakouts, while vitamin-rich cold pressed organic avocado oil nourishes skin to leave it soft and lightly hydrated. Use all over for perfectly smooth, bright skin. An angel indeed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
It stained my skin

So I brought this product accidentally and I didnt want to waste it so I thought I would try it out. Well …. I’m white skin and now I have a grey/black cast on my face and I look like
Im trying to do blackface. I used a wash cloth to try and clean the black product off my face and I’ve gone through a ton of cotton pads to try and clear my skin now I know I have just gone and irritated my skin even more.

Smells good

I bought this a few weeks ago and although it smells good and is good for my skin, every single time I use it, it leaves black residue on my face which is very hard to get off. Then I have to rub my face heaps after using it to make it look like my face isn’t dirty. I love lush and every product I buy always pleases me apart from this one. I may have gotten a bad batch but I will not be buying this again. The pros are however, it smells good, it exfoliates and it lasts quite a long time. I add that I also dislike the mess it makes especially when using it in a white sink or bathtub! It leaves a ring of black! I would recommend that you use any other cleansers

Rinse with WARM water NOT hot.

This stuff is great. I can tell people are frustrated with rinsing it off.
If you use hot water it will stick to the skin.
If you splash rinse it off or cloth it off with WARM water it should come right off.

It's a big difference.


I love this product. I have been using it for 2 years, you only need to use it 3 times a week qnd it leaves your skin super soft and invigorated. I use Cosmic lad moisturiser afterwards and it really compliments my skin routine.
Thank you!

Its not the best :(

After reading many positive reviews on this cleanser I was really inclined to purchase it. But I have found that the product to be quite hard to work with. Firstly, I don't feel although this cleanser has improved my skins appearance or texture whatsoever. And I have found it so difficult to remove the cleanser even with a flannel or sponge, as its almost water resistant and leaves dark streaks all over my face. By the time I have finally removed it from lots of scrubbing and soaking in my bath my face is red raw, when I first read some comments about it being difficult to remove I ignored them as I didn't really think it would be that hard to rub off, but it is. After using it consistently For a few weeks now to try and give it a chance, I have noticed that it is beginning to settled into my pores and really blocked them up. sadly I would not recommend that you buy this!

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