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Ideal for blondes and people with grey or greying hair who want to keep brass at bay and leave their tresses looking fresh, healthy, bright and shiny.

How to use

Lather up in a violet-scented dream of shine-enhancing ingredients then rinse away thoroughly.

Smells like

A sweet purple violet flower. Powdery and romantic.




What's in it for you?

To keep platinum and gray locks looking their best, only purple will do! Our violet-scented Daddy-O was made for those with gray or blonde hair who want brighter, healthier looking locks without dull, brassy tones. An infusion of fresh citrus juices and seaweed gives hair softness and shine, while a blend of violet leaf absolute, rose absolute and bergamot oil creates a scent that stays on your hair throughout the day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

So I have read the reviews about the change in formula. Since I am a first time user I have no such issues. The fragrance is SO sweet and delicious, and the result ...soft, silky sweet smelling hair. I love the funky purple colour too. This will be a regular for me. I followed it up with Candy Rain conditioner. The combination works well for me.

Daddy-O Shampoo

I recently got a sample pot of this from my local Cheltemham store, this is really lovely, it has a gorgeous scent, gives a shine to my hair, it really brings out the blonde shade in my hair when I use it as I have brown hair, I’ve recently back in to my local store to purchase a small bottle of Daddy-O, I’m really excited as I can use this shampoo even when I’ve used Ombré in my hair which is really great, really looking forward trying the upcoming Violet Cream conditioner as this shares the same scent of Daddy O, so I’m really looking forward to trying that conditioner which comes out later this month, so really excited to add another Lush haircare product to my collection very soon!

Why change a winning formula, handle with care...

I just purchased my next bottle of Daddy O, I have purchased this for years and its the only shampoo I use. I still have some left from my old bottle so I have a direct comparison. The colour is different, the purple/blue of the new formula lacks the 'pearly' quality of the original, the new formula is quite runny/watery and the smell isn't particularly pleasant. The scent of the old formula is unusual, but pleasant.
With regards to its cleaning properties, not great, my hair is lifeless and dull and doesn't feel like it should. Nothing like the old formula's properties.
However, the biggest issue I have is that it does stain. I have dark brown hair so I haven't noticed it so much on my hair but unfortunately the caps aren't very strong (the one I initially picked up in store was broken so they gave me a new one, this turned out also to be weak) and as a result it slightly broke between buying it, carrying it home in my bag and carrying it upstairs. Two big blobs squirted on my wool carpet, I immediately used water to remove it but hours later I noticed it is still there. I have tried everything and I can't get it out, even a tiny bit of bleach in desperation, two lilac stains remain on my carpet. I have always had this concern about Daddy O and spillages have happened but they have never stained like this, my wool carpet is stained. I am surprised as one of the Lush replies categorically says it doesn't dye or damage hair, wool is a natural fibre very similar to human hair. I find it hard to believe it wouldn't dye light coloured hair based on my experience.
Why an earth would you change a winning formula?? The old product was amazing and the reasons behind the change make no sense to me at all. Please, Please, PLEASE bring back the original formula.

Please bring back the old formula

I have been using Daddy o shampoo since high school but these year I have noticed that they changed the formula. Daddy o shampoo used to be rich and have a great fragrance but now the smell is off and not like before I hope you consider my review and bring back the original formula.
Thank you.

Absolutely love this product

A lovely fresh and exceptional product. Leaves your hair shiny and healthy and not just for ladies believe me .

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