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Crème De Menthe

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They’re mint-to-be! Feel your freshest with peppermint powder and wild mint oil.

How to use

Pop one into your mouth neat with a sip of water. Nibble and crush the tab and swill. Spit out and rinse. Use fresh to guarantee the fizz. Put the lid back on when you have used one.

Smells like

A bushel of freshly picked mint leaves from your grandmother’s garden.



How to store

Put the lid back on when you have used one to keep fresh when you are on the go.

Crème De Menthe
Crème De Menthe
Crème De Menthe
Crème De Menthe

What's in it for you?

Freshen up with a Crème De Menthe! This solid mouthwash tab fizzes like a mini bath bomb on the tip of your tongue. Simply put one in your mouth, take a sip of water, nibble the tab, and swish before spitting out. Its stimulating double-shot of peppermint powder and wild mint oil invigorates while menthol crystals leave mouths feeling tingly-fresh.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Mouthwash when you’re on the move

I've tried a few of the other mouthwashes and this is my favourite flavour. Minty flavours always make you ‘feel' clean.
The tabs do take getting use to, I think the mouthwash tabs are easier because they seem to break down better and have no weird aftertaste.
If you are thinking about the tabs I would try the mouthwash ones first to ease yourself in. This flavour is a familiar dental flavour so it is probably the easiest transition.
I use them when I'm camping and at the gym. Just chew them up with a mouthful of water and done!


I love these! I've never been able to use normal mouthwash as its too strong but these are perfect. They leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh and wash away any lingering bicarb after taste lingering from the toothy tabs.

A disappointing holiday shopping experience

I love Lush. They’ve done great things. However, while holiday shopping and brunch with my girlfriends, I unfortunately tried this. It seemed a little impractical, and that it was. I spit it in a bush.

Caramia 31
Sparkling ⚜️

Love the color, love the glitters. It’s great for travelling, less heavy , no liquid restriction. Does the job even if the mint in the mouth is not really strong. I recommend.
No plastic packaging would be better

Handy little tabs

These tabs are very convenient for when you're traveling and really need to freshen your breath in a hurry not to mention that these tabs my my teeth feel minty fresh and sparkling clean

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