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Ground rice, almonds and aduki beans are blended with an ultra-moisturizing base of cocoa and shea butters to help you get rough on tough skin.

How to use

Rub this Lush classic on to wet skin. Plastic-free exfoliation comes in the form of ground rice, almonds and aduki beans to polish, while the blend of lavender oil, cocoa butter and shea butter replenish moisture. Rinse and you're buffed, ready to go.

Smells like

A hint of lemon and lavender; buttery bliss.


Contains ground almonds,

How to store

Leave on the side until you're ready to exfoliate, store in a cool, dry place after use.


What's in it for you?

Our classic scrubby, moisturizing body butter slays dryness with ease. It's packed full of exfoliating ground rice, ground almonds and ground aduki beans nestled in a creamy cocoa and shea butter base so you can slough away your dry bits and moisturize at the same time. Reveal smooth, bright skin as you shower and emerge victorious.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

My Fav Lush Product Ever! Exfoliate and Moisturise while in the shower, perfection :D

I enjoyed this very much

A beautiful bar to use, I find that my skin dries out normally but used the bar on my latest trip away as an all over the body bar and found I was really happy, at a guess it's about 1-2weeks per bar if being used all over the body, but if just used on the fave probably 6 or 8 weeks depending on how frugal you are. The smell is nice, not offensive.
I would recommend to friends as a great alternative to travel with body wash


I have been using this for a long time, and I love it so much that I think I’ll continue to use it forever! It truly is amazing. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. I store mine in a Lush tin, and leave the lid off until it’s dried. This way I find that it lasts for quite a long time, making it good value. Please don’t ever discontinue this amazing product.

Brought for the name! Love it!

Started using this this week. Leaves my skin so soft and feels so nice to scub my skin clean. I brought this because I needed a new scrub and loved the name! I'm a huge buffy the vampire slayer fan!

Stunning classic

Been using this for years and years. I use after I've shaved my legs and they feel amazing. Never change or remove this, it's just fantastic.

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