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Bubble bar


Mood-boosting triple citrus

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Dip into sweet and uplifting red-orange waters reminiscent of a glowing sunset. Citrus and bergamot oils shine bright to create its energizing scent.

How to use

This is a big bubble bar! Crumble between a third and a half into your bath for mounds of fluffy bubbles and sunset-coloured waters. If you’re feeling extra fruity, use the whole thing!

Smells like

The spray from an orange picked fresh off the tree and split open.



How to store

Keep this bubble bar squirrelled away somewhere cool and dry, ready for a rainy day or just a boost of warming sunshine.


What's in it for you?

Everything about this bubbler will leave you feeling cheerful and looking on the bright side of life. When you crumble this one under the tap, your tub will turn into a vivid, hypnotizing red-orange sunset with frothy white clouds of bubbles. Imagine yourself in a sun-drenched locale and emerge from the tub feeling energized and smelling like a dream thanks to citrusy, uplifting Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Not the best experience

I went to my local lush store a few weeks ago and chatted with a lovely lady ref a sensitive bath bar for my 10yr old. I explained he was sensitive skined and she recommended the brightside bath bar.
It smelt amazing!

On giving it to him he used a small amount & once in the bath it smelt even better.
I myself then decided to use some of the bubble bar.
Initially It felt nice, it was bubbly and made my skin feel so soft.

However the next day my son and I woke up in alot of discomfort. We were both extremely sore and rashy between our legs (very intimate to add photographs)
We washed ourselves off in cool showers no soaps etc. To try and ease the discomfort.
My son couldn't walk due to the rubbing on the rash from his school shorts so we both had to go to the doctors to be checked over. The doctor treated us both for chemical burns with a cooling anti inflammatory gel.

It's such a shame as I have used lush before and never had a problem. However seeing your son in discomfort and also having the burns yourself. I feel I had to give an honest review of 2*

Smells Incredible!!!

Wow, this bubble bar is a work of art! Looks amazing, smells amazing! Just wow!

I Love this!

This is now my fav thing from Lush-tied with the comforter. I am in love with the orange smell and it turns your bath a gorgeous orange.
Thank you lovely Lush.

I love the smell

I love the colours and the smell so much. First time using and will definitely by buying again.

Favourite of all time!!

I love love LOVE this. I can’t count how many times I’ve bought this bubble bar. It is the best scent and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft !!

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