Breath Of God

Truly complex incense & Neroli

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Inhale, exhale the woody and uplifting aroma of cedarwood, lemon and vetivert oils, taking a moment to breathe deep and relax.

How to use

Curls of smoky incense unfurl, shrouding the body and mind in an intoxicating blend of deep cedarwood and vetivert. Grapefruit provides an unexpected blast of fresh air in this ritual of scent. Spritz yourself with this award-winning neroli perfume was built to carve a moment of deep contemplation.

Smells like

Wispy mountain air and incense wafting through Tibetan temples.

Breath Of God
Breath Of God
Breath Of God

What's in it for you?

This complex fragrance will have you discovering different notes every time you smell it. On a trip to Tibet, our perfumer was inspired by the fresh clean air of the mountains and the smoky scents from the Tibetan temples. He rushed home to create two perfumes: Inhale and Exhale. Inhale is a light, melony scent while Exhale is a deep, smoky incense that he then combined to create Breath Of God. The melony citrus moves deeper into sandalwood and cedarwood undertones that reveal new facets as you wear it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Beautiful smoky calming perfume

I just love this perfume
It gives you an uplifting calming feeling
Thank you to Lauren in Poole who helped me choose today. Perfect birthday present

Feeling like a goddess!

I bought this in store a few weeks back, I was sold instantly. I'm not religious but I have always loved visiting churches for the architecture, art and SMELL! When the assistant told me it is inspired by the scent of churches and holy places I was sold!

I was a huge fan of tr amp and Lord Of Misrule so if you also love those scents this is a good one for you!
If I had a slight issue it would be how long the scent lasts. With my other lush perfumes the scent stays all day, sometimes lingers faintly even after a wash but this one doesn't seem to stick well, wore it out for dinner and by time we got home I could barely smell it. Maybe I just have a the one off bottle that isn't as strong as the rest.

Meditative Bliss

I found this smell just a little too masculine so I ended up giving it to a friend, but it is incredible; deliciously incense-tinged and both relaxing and refreshing. Just recalling it is actually tempting me to pick up the solid form to sniff.

It's not something I would wear but it is - this might sound odd to say - what I would want a guy to smell like. A crisp and bold, but somewhat earthy smell. I highly recommend it.

fave perfume

This is one of my favourite perfumes, I've been wearing it for a couple of years now and it's something I've gotten multiple compliments on. I'd describe it as smelling of wind and incense.

I find the tin is not only nicely portable for trips (don't have to worry about it leaking or breaking in transit), but also convenient for controlling the application/dabbing it behind the ears and on pulse points as spritzer bottles can easily go overboard for that.

So Beautiful

I remember smelling all the Lush perfumes one day and finding them all to be either way too sweet or way too strong and overpowering. Then I came to Breath of God and the second I smelled it I was in love. It's hard to describe what it smells like except to say that it's very earthy yet refreshing at the same time, and I kept going back to the bottle to smell it again. I love the fact that it's unisex and not too sweet, as i've never been a fan of very flowery or fruity perfumes. My family all love it too but it's definitely strong when first sprayed and, as it seems to be one of those perfumes that people either love or hate, I'd say make sure to spray it on yourself at least an hour before you're heading out - to give it time to settle and develop. And, as with any perfume, I'd always say try it on your skin in store before commiting to a bottle, as perfumes smell different on everyone.

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