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A spicy aniseed cola blast

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For a smile with a blast radius, try these mighty powerful toothpaste tabs made with warming aniseed oil and deep cleaning charcoal and gunpowder tea.

How to use

Nibble a tab between your teeth, brush with a damp toothbrush. Rinse till your mouth is clear. Use to lift stains and whiten as part of your oral care routine, use one every day to whiten, a couple of times a week for a brighten up or top up when you have had too much red wine and coffee.

Smells like

A fizzing pop of cola.



How to store

Pop the lid back on the pot to keep the toothpaste tabs fresh and dry.


What's in it for you?

To keep your smile in tip-top condition, these little black tabs are packed with cleansing powdered charcoal, stimulating aniseed and refreshing Persian lime. Black pepper oil and ground chili impart a gentle warmth, all coming together to create that Boom! feeling in your mouth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Good idea though didn't work for me

I bought these a while back and unfortunately, they made all my teeth incredibly sensitive. I was unable to eat properly for months. I love Lush and have been a customer for years. This is the only product that has caused me trouble.

So good

I got a sample of these in store and love them. No other way to describe it other than my teeth feel like a layer of 'scum' has been lifted off. I use an electric tooth brush and big brand toothpaste and have never felt this clean. Will buy for sure

Sample has me as a returning customer

Went into the Birmingham store for a wander, and got talking to the most lovely salesperson (I just wish I’d gotten her name). She sent me off with a selection of the toothpaste tablets to sample. I am hooked after the first use of this variety. The taste is a bit off. Not unpleasant, just not what you expect from toothpaste. But the whitening effect after just one use is really amazing. By far the best whitening product I’ve ever used.

Boom? Ouch!

Initially I liked the flavour and cleaning power of the Boom tabs. But after a day or so of using them my mouth started to sting. That was when I looked again at the ingredients and realised they have chilli in them. I can only guess that this is the reason. Really, what is chilli doing in a toothpaste/tab? Everybody knows chilli stings. It makes it incompatible with using a mouthwash after too - that was seriously sore. Oh my. Please take out the chilli!

These are great

The taste gets a little getting used to, but once you overcome it it’s fine. Left my teeth feeling squeaky clean and I’m pretty sure the colour is almost certainly looking whiter even after a few tabs! I will definitely be buying these again. Might even try the refresher tabs next

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