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Beachy fresh citrus & Sea Salt

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Spritz a little Big onto skin and revel in a world of mandarin and neroli oils, orange flower water and vanilla absolute for a burst of that sunny beach scent.

How to use

Spritz all over the body avoiding the under arm area for a breezy hit of relaxed summer notes.

Smells like

A sunny day at the beach spent swimming in the salty ocean.


What's in it for you?

As a bestselling shampoo, Big gives the hair mega beach body. Can it do the same for the skin in fragrance form? We think so. Big gives you a sunny beach in a bottle. Straight away, a floral wave of orange flower absolute greets your nose with sweet mandarin following swiftly in its wake to add a gentle fruitiness. Vanilla absolute offers a final comforting note of muskiness and warmth. Worth its salt, in our opinion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

This is the first LUSH spray I bought and I did so online solely based on the descriptions and reviews. At first I was a little disappointed as it wasn't what I was expecting ie stronger citrus. But it's more complex than that. Like lots of LUSH fragrances. I liked it enough to keep it, but over the months it has really grown on me. Some days I just need my summery and refreshing and relaxing blast of BIG on me and on my clothes!


Brought this as a Christmas present for myself, it's absolutely devine , it is very strong so I just use one spray on naked skin and then pop clothes on , I've had massive amount of "what perfume are you wearing, it's stunning" . I highly recommend this .

best company

i have the shampoo it’s the favourite

Lasts all day!

I'm obsessed with this spray, the smell is amazing and feels summery. It lasts all day and more! very impressed- i'll be buying again

Strong, beautiful scent exactly like the Shampoo

I'm really surprised that this currently only has 3 stars, I LOVE THIS SPRAY.

It smells exactly like the shampoo, and I've been waiting for this to be made into more products for SO long. Getting a body spray as the first 'new' Big scent was such a bonus.

If you've ever smelled the shampoo, it's exactly like that. The scent is super fresh and delicious. It's really strong at the first spray, and remains so for hours. I'm currently 4 hours into wearing it and can still smell it without even wafting my clothes. When moving, I get bursts of the scent coming to be and it's so good! I really wish this could be permanent, I'm tempted to buy a second bottle, so that I can have more when I run out.

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