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Bath bomb

Big Blue

Time for some vitamin sea

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A longtime bestseller, this fizzy blue beauty is an ocean lover's dream with skin-softening seaweed, mineral-rich sea salt and mood-boosting citrus essential oils.

How to use

When you need a dip in the deep, run a bath and drop in this bath bomb to release the softening sea salt and seaweed.

Smells like

Sea foam crashing over rocky cliffs; bright and airy.



How to store

Keep this lemon and lavender scented bather somewhere cool and dry. Best used fresh.

Big Blue
Big Blue
Big Blue
Big Blue

What's in it for you?

Float away from it all with this inspiring deep blue fizzer. Lavender and lemon oils create the perfect balance of relaxation and rejuvenation, bringing a wave of tranquility to your tub. For a truly oceanic experience, we've added in some of nature's finest ingredients: sea salt and seaweed. These mineral-rich gems soften the skin and ease tired muscles. Lie back to sail away to a clear head and a revitalized body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
Big blue

First time use was Amazing


We rate it a 1 because of the seaweed that sits on the bottom of the bath which is a bit gross and annoying. And the bits feel odd and they disintegrate in your hand.


This is now one of my fav bath bombs. It really does tick all the boxes...great colour, fizz & smell, long-lasting skin softness after using this.

Did not expect to love it.

Usually I like a dramatic bath bomb and wasn’t expecting much from this one however I could not be more wrong. It felt like I was in an expensive spa and really loved the natural but deeply calming and fresh fragrance of the bomb. I loved the touch of seaweed that really added to the organic feel which lent to the therapeutic spa like feel. If you love nature and the beach you will love this one.

Spiders legs!

Though this bath bomb smelt incredible, it is unlikely I'd ever find myself buying it again due to being very freaked out by the seaweed haha it reminded me of spiders legs. If you like things such as that though, this bath bomb is awesome but not one of our favourites.

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