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Two bathing masterpieces

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Taking a bath is a reward unto itself, but posting a picture of a spectacular bath before you dive in is pretty gratifying too: all the likes! Give your followers something to double-tap with these two spectacular bath bombs. Whether you're bathing in Dragon's Egg's plastic-free golden luster or Intergalactic's swirls of yellow, pink and blue, you're sure to have something to snap.


Please refer to the contents of the gift.

How to use

-Bath Bomb: Drop into a bath and watch as the colours swirl. Climb into the tub for your best bath yet.

How to store

Keep this ethically sourced gift somewhere cool and dry. The products are best used fresh.

Bath Art
Bath Art
Bath Art
Bath Art

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    Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

    Eggciting citrus and gold


    Intergalactic Bath Bomb

    Out of this world bestseller


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I loved these bath bombs! Loved Intergalactic more because it was so strange and interesting - my legs disappeared under the navy blue water. But loved the gold shimmer and sparkly bits! I also felt so smooth and clean afterwards (unlike some bath bombs). Haven’t tried Dragon Egg yet but it smells incredible - not too ‘in your face’. I didn’t mind the packacking. It was a present so I didn’t pay for this, but it was so lovely to receive. The wrapping is so interesting and I saw the ‘Lush’ tag and knew my partner had splashed out. If I were buying for myself I would buy individually, but these really do make a quirky and lovely present.


These two are my daughters favourites so she always asks for this gift set around birthdays and Christmas times.

She loves the bath art that they create and also how different the scents are.

Nice little gift set at a great price, you can get them cheaper individually but you can't beat receiving these in gift boxes wrapped in the cute paper.

If your buying for yourself I'd recommend them individually but if its for a gift then go for this!

Not worth the money

Both the bath bombs in this gift are absolutely gorgeous and wonderful bombs. Definitely bath art! But just order the two bombs separately and save yourself the money. The bombs are £8.90, but in the gift set they cost £11, there are no exclusive or limited products! The wrapping paper is non-reusable as it is glued down and rips even if you are careful when opening. I bought this in the sale, which did make it slightly cheaper than buying the two bombs, and definitely wouldn't purchase unless the price was reduced.

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