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Creamy, Patchouli deodorant

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If you’re used to using a roll-on deodorant or antiperspirant and want to make the leap to a natural alternative, Aromaco is a great start.

How to use

Simply rub under clean, dry armpits and you’re ready to go.

Smells like

Grounding patchouli and earthy chamomile; quiet confidence.



How to store

Keep your deodorant somewhere dry and clean between uses. For travel, pop it in a sealed container like one of our tins.


What's in it for you?

We chose all of the most effective ingredients for a deodorant and packed them into this little bar. Astringent witch hazel tackles odor-causing bacteria so you feel fresh, while chamomile vinegar soothes the skin. And to help keep you naturally fresh, there's also a little patchouli oil in it, too. Remember: it may take up to 30 days for your body to adapt to a natural deodorant if you currently use antiperspirant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 394 reviews
Jos H
My Favourite of the Lush deodorants

Really love this product. I've tried all the Lush deo's - Greench I love for the smell and texture but it only works for light activities for me (I like it after an after work shower if I'm just chilling at home), Te'o I really like but find a tiny bit crumbly. This one is perfect for me - really lasts all day when I'm busy, out and about, hot etc. I cut mine up and keep it in the Lush tin so easy to travel with. Lasts ages.

Love it

I've been using this deodorant for years. I love it. It smells gorgeous and does what it should. I wouldn't use anything else.

Pricey deoderant

I picked this up whilst I was back in London. I love the smell and I think it does an ok job keeping me dry but I am not sure if they gave me an old piece (they sold me a piece that was already cut and wrapped up because I feel like im using sandpaper because it has all these small hard bits in it. For what I paid, let’s just say im more than disappointed.

This works brilliantly for me!

I have been using this for some time - I bought a big block which will last ages - I keep it in an old plastic ice cream tub. I stay dry, it feels nice on application and doesn't irritate my skin at all
My only reason for giving it 4 stars is that personally I am not keen on the scent.

Giving up
Was alright for a while

I used this for years as a natural alternative despite the stains on clothing, steep price, short term effects, dry skin and short shelf life. I give up. It's just not worth it for the price. Luckily now there are much better alternatives out there. Lush, you need to step up your game if you want to keep up with other natural cosmetics brands. Sadly it's not just this product. I've moved on from Rehab shampoo I used for years, lotions and other things. And honestly I wish I had move on a long time ago.

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