American Cream

Warm Vanilla with floral notes

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A vanilla perfume with the caramelly warmth of cozy benzoin and herbal clary sage.

How to use

Drop into our diner and order a splash of this delicious vanilla scent. Spritz yourself with the sweet vanilla absolute and benzoin resinoid to create this creamy milkshake perfume you (and others) won’t be able to get enough of.

Smells like

A creamy vanilla milkshake topped with strawberries and drizzled with honey.

American Cream
American Cream
American Cream

What's in it for you?

American Cream is inspired by the creamy milkshakes popular in American diners in the 1950s, with all the vanilla-strawberry sweetness that their devotees loved. The scent first popped up in the bestselling hair conditioner of the same name, and has gone on to fragrance many products over the years—from sparkly glitter bars and shower creams to a solid version of the original hair-softening fave. But fans can take its sweet nostalgic scent with them wherever they go with a spritzable perfume. On first blush, you'll detect notes of warm vanilla mixed with the sweetness of fresh berries. Then comes the refreshing herbal aroma of sage and lavender. Bottoms up!

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
oh my gosh this is a definite need

i smell like a fairy that sleeps in waterfalls and spends time sitting on flowers. smells literally so good, i’m surprised this scent hasn’t gone viral.

Absolute favourite scent

I’ve had a long lasting love for the American Cream conditioner and, after a bit of deliberation thought I’d give the perfume a go.

It’s absolutely wonderful!

Obviously the scent will slightly differ from person to person, however after only using 2 spritz the scent lingered all day. I can’t detect any strawberry notes although this hasn’t taken away from the overall quality. A balance of vanilla, sage and lavender make up a (not overly) sweet, warm and playful aroma.

In short it’s an amazingly beautiful and not overly complex perfume; if I could bathe in it I absolutely would. All we need now is an American Cream shower gel!

Fresh, tart strawberries and milk...

On my skin, American Cream smells like those swirled strawberry and yoghurt boiled sweets - but not the sweet ones - the tart, fresh and tangy ones! I was hoping for creamy and sweet, so was a tad disappointed. After an hour or so, it settles into baby powder with a strawberry edge. My mum asked if I'd put a load of scented talc on! It isn't an offensive scent whatsoever, and a good blind buy for most people if you like powdery scents, but I prefer sweeter, more rounded scents. However, I did discover something which this scent does remarkably well: it is the master of layering! It takes the edge off other perfumes, tones them down. On my skin Turmeric Latte turns to play-doh, until I layer it with AC, then it's non-existent and I only get it's delicious, comforting smoky scent. Dry down of Confetti a bit sweet? I just layer it with AC and it takes the edge off. I'll be buying this little beauty frequently just to layer with other scents I like!

Powdery goodness

I got this as a gift because I was obsessed after smelling it in the shop. It goes on smelling like a slightly fruity baby powder and I find that it almost fades to a delicate parma violet smell, it’s gorgeous!


What I imagine angels would smell like

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