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Cooling peppermint magnesium remedy

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Cool down post-workout with tingling mint oils, soothing arnica and magnesium oil.

How to use

Melt the bar directly onto dry skin and massage the oils and butters in. If the bar is cold, begin by warming between your hands to melt. Lush massage bars are generously oil-rich, so apply as much or as little as desired and re-apply as needed

Smells like

A sharp mint blend; refreshing and clearing.



How to store

Keep these buttery bars fresh and clean in a lidded container like one of our oval tins. In hot weather, store in the fridge to avoid meltdowns.


What's in it for you?

When your body is tired and sore, treat yourself to a massage with this supportive bar, rich in soothing magnesium oil. Spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus oils will leave you feeling tingly fresh and reinvigorated. For maximum magnesium benefits, bathe in our Salt Water Soother Epsom Salt Cube before your massage!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Smells good, works like magic.

This really helps aching muscles. My son plays contact sports and can come away with some aches and pains. This is so helpful.


I've started weight lifting at the gym and have been aching a lot no matter how much I warm up and how long I stretch out for afterwards, but using this bar on the muscles I've been using most has made such a difference. I barely ache at all the next day, sometimes not at all. Never thought to incorporate magnesium into my cool-down routine but so glad I have

Finally someone making decent Magnesium products!!

I’ve been waiting for decent magnesium products and have now tried all 3 of the new Lush massage bars. Myself and my husband cycle this After one and Deep Sleep, along with CBD too (probably still our absolute favourite) on our legs every night before bed.

We do a lot of gym workouts, strength & conditioning, weight lifting, cycling and running and we now take at least one bar with us everywhere we travel, and use at home, to stop restless legs. We have both suffered with irritable legs / skin when training a lot and these help so much.

This After bar smells great, heats up & goes on really easily and does just what we need it to.

I’d say each bar lasts up about 1 week if both using it every night. Highly recommend.

Actually disappointed with this massage bar

I bought this as soon as it was released and I have given it 2 stars as I do love the scent. However, the scent does not linger on my skin. I don't notice a cooling effect and I don't notice anything else either. Maybe I have a faulty or weak scented product? Generally disappointed especially as I tried it a few times. I wouldn't buy this one again. The joints bar is better in my opinion but I prefer the scent ingredients of this one.

Fave product ever

I’ve used Lush for 20 years, I have an insane collection as a hardcore addict & can honestly say this is by far the best product I have ever used. I had a really intense work out & the following day my leg cramped up worse than it ever had before, I was unable to move when I had the genius idea that this may help. I usually buy almost every new product that gets released so had just purchased this days earlier. I reached for this bar, massaged it in to my leg & the cramp was gone in less than 2 minutes. I’ve already bought another one of these so that I can leave one in my gym bag, absolute miracle worker if you suffer with painful leg cramps, can’t recommend it enough.

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