Toothed Wrack Seaweed Juice

Fucus serratus



This nutrient-rich seaweed juice helps revive the skin for a bright tomorrow.

Toothed Wrack Seaweed Juice

Where do we get it?

Lush UK uses toothed wrack seaweeds that are harvested from Poole's coastline once a week. Only the tops are cut to ensure that the plant continues to grow after harvest, and the crop is carefully examined to make sure sea creatures stay home and are not taken accidentally to the shore.

With seven manufacturing sites across the globe, this information may vary depending on where your Lush products were made.

What are the benefits for your skin?

  • Full of nutrients
  • Protects
  • Helps retain moisture
Unique stories

    This olive-brown seaweed is found in abundance around the British and the Irish coasts, growing densely on the seashore. Each serrated, strap-like frond is about two centimetres wide and originates from a stalk that anchors the plant to the seabed.