Talc is hydrated magnesium silicate, a naturally occurring mineral that is extracted from the ground, milled into a powder and purified.


Lush purchase talc from two different suppliers. One supplier is a family business in Sardinia that has been operating for decades. Trying to reduce their impact on the environment, they have put practices in place to limit waste as much as possible and help to clean, stabilise and replant the waste piles left by the previous owners. Their talc is found in all our products except the FUN range. Indeed, the talc used in FUN products have specific colour requirements and this is why we source it in China - our supplier there produces some of the brightest talcs in the world.

Making purity and safety a priority, both companies continuously carry out tests at their site to ensure that there is no heavy metal contamination or mineral fibres such as asbestos present. In the history of mining at these sites, there have been no positive results for the presence of asbestos. Every batch of talc is tested before being shipped to Lush and then tested again once it arrives with us, ensuring safety for our staff and our customers.