Sea Salt and Gardenia Extract

Gardenia jasminoides



To create this ingredient, sea salt is dissolved in water before gardenia extract is added. This blend is boiled to evaporate the water and create salt crystals that have harnessed gardenia’s vibrant orange colour.

Sea Salt and Gardenia Extract

Seawater and sea salt are often used in balneotherapy (a traditional, mineral water-based therapy); practitioners believe that they have a calming effect on inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Sea salt is a noted anti-inflammatory, soothing skin and supporting the protective function of its epidermal barrier. Rich in sodium, magnesium, and other minerals that aid moisture retention, it keeps skin feeling soft and supple throughout the day.

Gardenia is a celebrated garden plant, known for its elegant white flowers and exotic scent. Its extract contains strong orange pigments, a carotenoid named ‘crocin’ being one of them. Depending on its concentration and the ingredients it’s blended with, gardenia extract can offer a lovely pallet of varying hues ranging from deep orange to golden yellow.