Ruby Cocoa Liquor

Theobroma cacao; Citric Acid



Full of aromatic compounds and moisturising butter, ruby cocoa liquor is a yummy-scented treat for gorgeous, glowing skin.

Ruby Cocoa Liquor

Ruby cocoa seems on everyone's tongue these days (literally and figuratively!), and that's no surprise given that this new type of chocolate has only been patented and brought to market recently (2017). Its colour is due to a special variety of cocoa trees that produce ruby-coloured beans.

The cacao tree (Theobroma cacao) grows in warm, humid forests near the equator. It yields large dark red or yellow pods containing up to 50 seeds each, coated by soft, edible flesh. The seeds, also called cocoa beans, are covered to ferment and then dried. During this process, they develop their familiar chocolate scent.

To obtain cocoa liquor, the prepared beans are roasted and then ground into a thick, oily paste. The term ‘liquor’ has nothing to do with an alcoholic beverage, it’s a Latin word meaning fluid or liquid. It can be used as such for chocolate-making or subjected to high pressure to separate the cocoa powder from the butter. Although the slightly tangy taste of ruby chocolate occurs naturally in the beans, citric acid can be added to the liquor to reinforce it.

Lush purchase this gem from a supplier who maintain a close connection with their cocoa farmers in South America. As observed too many times (like with vanilla pods in recent years), food trends can have disastrous effects on the trade, cultivation and quality of raw materials, as well as on the people who produce them. This is why our supplier pays a fair, fixed price to their farmers, thus ensuring a constant income for them and their families. This pricing practice secures a sustainable supply of this special type of beans and protects the producers against future market fluctuations.