Powdered Tea Tree

Melaleuca alternifolia



Made by grounding dried tea tree leaves, this powder contains the same antibacterial and antifungal properties as the essential oil.

Powdered Tea Tree

Aboriginal tribes in Australia have been using the leaves of this plant as a medicinal tea and traditional remedy for many years. The foliage contains an abundance of aromatic essential oils. Some of the paperbark varieties are exploited commercially for the high germicidal value of the leaves and the oil extracted from them.

Tea tree powder absorbs and limits the growth of body odour-producing bacteria. Skin that has been subjected to imbalances due to overzealous deodorising products can be exposed to yeast infections due to a lack of protective microflora. Tea Tree powder is particularly effective against fungi we call yeasts, gently deodorising the skin and giving microflora a chance to return.

Our supplier is based in Kenya and is committed to helping local farmers and farms responsibly. We purchase tea tree leaf from them then pass it onto a company in the UK who mills it for us to create the powder.