Plum Infusion

Prunus domestica



Brightening and antioxidant-rich, plum infusion leaves the skin looking, smelling and feeling fresh.

Plum Infusion

The Prunus domestica (or ‘common plum’) is a small, deciduous tree, with spiny twigs and branches, dainty white flowers and - of course - a sweet and delicious fruit, of varying shades and sizes. Whether you eat it by the bushel or as an occasional treat, as such or canned, you are probably familiar with its fresh, fruity aroma, but perhaps not its effects on the skin.

Plums are rich in vitamins A and C, both of which help protect the skin. Vitamin C is also an exfoliator that cleanses and refreshes the skin, while encouraging the production of collagen and elastin - sure to leave your skin looking healthy and plum-p!