Pequi Oil

Caryocar Brasiliense



Pequi is an abundant fruit in Brazil, especially in the Amazon basin. The oil extracted from it moisturises and protects skin and hair. It is also is full of nutrients and antioxidants, maintaining the skin healthy, firm and glowing.

Pequi Oil

Pequi (pronounced pay-key) is a rare fruit on the world’s market despite its fame in Brazil. This could be due to the dangerousness of the woody spines inside the flesh: you need to be well prepared to eat the fruit properly! The oily flesh is yellow, thanks to the carotenoids it contains, and can hide one to five seeds, also known as souari nuts. The flesh's got a strong and unique taste, often described as a mix of coconut, sweet and cheesy aromas.

Pequi oil contains a lot of vitamin A and E, some powerful antioxidants which are fighting against the action of free radicals on skin cells, alongside carotenoids. The oil is also packed with oleic and palmitic acids; both are well known in cosmetics for being great emollients as well as cleansing and emulsifying components.