Peach Kernel Oil

Pisum sativum



Peach kernel oil is a light-weight and easily absorbed oil that moisturises, conditions and brightens the skin thanks to its high content of fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin E.

Peach Kernel Oil

Peach trees belong to the Rosaceae family, primarily originating from China and eventually spreading all over the world through the centuries. The tree develops glossy-green leaves along with pink or white flowers growing in clusters of two or three.

The peach tree is highly regarded in Chinese mythology, representing longevity, prosperity and growth as well as romance. The flowers are often used in decorations during New Year’s celebrations while the fruit is mentioned in old legends and novels and often linked to 'The Eight Immortals' in relation to its miraculous powers - the consumption of a single peach was believed to add up to 3,000 years to a person’s life span.

Peach kernel oil is extracted from the fruit seeds, which contain up to 50% of oil. The oil is colourless to pale yellow with an almost almond-like aroma.