Oregano and Rose Petal Infusion

Origanum vulgare; Rosa centifolia



Even if it's quite unusual to see them together, oregano and rose actually complement each other very well. The antimicrobial properties of the herb thoroughly cleanse the skin, while the delicate petals of the flower soothe and tone the skin.

Oregano and Rose Petal Infusion

Infusions are made in-house at Lush by steeping raw materials into hot water, just like you’d do with a good ol’ cup of tea.

Oregano is a member of the mint family. This aromatic bushy herb is harvested as flowering begins. Its antimicrobial qualities are due to carvacrol and thymol, two components that also give the plant its distinctive spicy and herbal smell.

Rosa centifolia is a flowering plant belonging to the Rosaceae family and is commonly known as the 'cabbage rose' due to its rounded shape and the high volume of petals. Rose petals are the source of rose oil, which is said to have been the first floral essential oil to be distilled and has been important in fragrances and flavours for thousands of years.