Noni Fruit Decoction

Morinda citrifolia



Stop googling noni fruits right now! What you'll find might prevent you from discovering this amazing superfruit, especially if you read about its peculiar taste. The noni fruit decoction used in Lush products hardly smell anything, but will help your skin to be bright and supple, thanks to its high vitamin content.

Noni Fruit Decoction

Noni fruits look a bit like large white mulberries. The tree grows mainly in South India, Australia and on Pacific Islands where its fruits, leaves, twigs, and bark are used in traditional medicine as they are thought to help people with diabetes, among other benefits.

Not only does 'noni' sound like 'honey' (at a stretch!) but the Mondira citrifolia is also called 'cheese fruit' by some which makes it a rather peculiar choice of ingredient for a vegan product.