Lycopodium Powder



Lycopodium powder is a fine beige powder made from the dry spores of various clubmoss plants, a type of fern from the Lycopodiaceae family. There are about 950 species of lycopodium with 37 species distributed across Europe and North America.

Lycopodium Powder

Historically, lycopodium powder has been used in traditional Austrian medicine internally as a tea or externally as compresses for the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema, or wounds. In ancient times, it was called the 'flour of witches', because it was used to cure many different illnesses. Still used today, lycopodium is one of the constitutional remedies of homoeopathy.

One can place a wet hand in lycopodium powder and it will instantly dry. On the other hand, if the powder is poured in water it will float on the surface, if you push your finger onto the lycopodium powder and then into the water, it will coat your finger and keep it completely dry! This shows how effective lycopodium is to make the skin feel dry, comfortable and protected.

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