Jackfruit Puree

Artocarpus heterophyllus



The jackfruit is a natural and vegetal source of protein. It helps to strengthen and improve the condition of the hair and skin when used in cosmetics.

Jackfruit Puree

Jackfruits are impressive fruits. They are giant (they can weigh up to 25kg) and don’t look or taste or smell like anything we know - at least in the UK. The tree is believed to be native to the rain forests of India and the Malaysian Peninsula and can grow almost everywhere, even in very difficult climate conditions.

By cutting the fruit in half, a complex system of bulbs, seeds, soft and rough flesh appears. All of these parts can be used for culinary purposes and their high protein and vitamin content has given jackfruit the reputation of being a miraculous product that could help eradicate famine all over the world. They are not the only asset of this tree, as each element can be used to produce something useful to humans, such as a medicinal infusion from the leaves, or latex from its sap.