Hibiscus Seed Oil

Hibiscus sabdariffa



Hibiscus seed oil hydrates and conditions the skin with a light feel. It's a good source of tocopherols, antioxidant compounds that are said to keep the skin firm and radiant for longer.

Hibiscus Seed Oil

Stunning hibiscus flowers decorate gardens and surfers' shirts. There are many varieties grown in tropical and subtropical regions around the world but the best known for its medicinal and culinary application is the roselle hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) which can be consumed entirely.

Roselle flowers have white petals and a deep red or purple coloured centre. A fleshy fruit calyx forms once the flowers have bloomed and withered, enclosing the plant’s seeds. The calyces are harvested by hand in the autumn, and the juicy outer covering is separated from the seed pods.

Once regarded as leftovers of the calyces production, the seeds have grown in popularity in recent decades as their oil makes good food and cosmetic products. It is rich in linoleic, oleic and palmitic acids.