Gentian Extract

Gentiana lutea



Yellow gentian is a bitter, aromatic herb with a long history of medicinal use, especially to treat sore throats and inflammation. The extract adds a sophisticated aftertaste to oral care products.

Gentian Extract

Gentian grows in the Alpine and subalpine pastures of central and southern Europe. The herb, which bears clusters of large yellow flowers, is named after King Gentius of Illyria (180-67 BC), who reportedly used gentian to cure his army of a mysterious fever.

The yellowish-white gentian rhizome and roots are collected in autumn and slow-dried to a dark orange-brown. The root, which has an intensely bitter taste, is commonly used to make strengthening medicinal tonics or alcoholic extracts, such as the bitters used in cocktails. What better way to add a delicious (non-alcoholic) kick to your daily oral care routine?