Coffee Absolute

Coffee arabica



Every day is a coffee day, wrapped in a rich and powerful scent.

Coffee Absolute

Where does Lush purchase coffee absolute?

On the volcanic chain in the south of El Salvador, between 1,000 and 1,500 meters above sea level, grow small, leafy shrubs called Coffea arabica L.. Our supplier describes: 'In the middle of spring, the coffee tree produces white flowers with a jasmine fragrance. The mountains, when covered with these white blooms, make a magnificent sight.'

The coffee plant’s fleshy fruits, called 'cherries', enclose two seeds known as coffee beans. The cherries appear in November and take at least two months to ripen. They are harvested from the branches from January to April, after which the mature-enough cherries are selected to undergo various processes such as roasting. It is said that the volcanic soil of El Salvador makes the beans particularly fragrant.

What are the benefits of this coffee extract?

This absolute has the powerful and enveloping scent characteristic of freshly roasted coffee. More complex than it seems, it can reveal a dry woodiness tempered by cereal and vanilla notes.