Coconut Extract

Cocos Nucifera; Glycerine



Glycerine is a sweet humectant that helps retain moisture and carry other ingredients to the skin. It is therefore a great material for obtaining plant extracts and, in this specific case, for maximising the soothing and softening properties of coconut flesh.

Coconut Extract

To make this extract, the fresh coconut flesh is blended with glycerine at our manufacturing sites. The mixture is left aside for a while so that the glycerine can soak up the smell and the benefits of coconut. It is then filtered to obtain a smooth and fragrant liquid that can be incorporated into our cosmetic products.

Coconuts are the edible seeds of the coconut palm, a tropical tree that can be used from top to bottom for food, oil, sugar, fibre, and more. Fresh coconut flesh is packed with moisturising oils and soothing milk that gently protect the skin and hair. In addition, its delicate fragrance brings a tropical and comforting touch to any product.