Cistus Oil

Cistus ladaniferus



Cistus oil has a warm, amber, and honey-like fragrance that is said to balance emotions and promote meditative states. It is well known for its soothing and astringent effect on the skin that promotes wound healing.

Cistus Oil

Growing under the hot sun of the Mediterranean basin, the evergreen leaves of Cistus ladaniferus coat themselves with a sticky, fragrant resin called labdanum to prevent dehydration when the temperature rises. Also called gum rockrose, it is a pioneer plant - the first to spread on degraded soils after a fire, thus preventing erosion.

Lush purchase the essential oil from a Spanish producer. They harvest cistus branches in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla, a UNESCO Geopark which is part of the Dehesas de Sierra Morena, a protected Biosphere Reserve. The oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and twigs.