Buriti Oil

Mauritia flexuosa



Once an Amazonian secret, buriti oil is renowned for its conditioning effect and is perfect for moisturising the skin. It, therefore, makes the perfect relief for when you’ve caught the sun, and its high natural levels of beta-carotene also protect from UV rays.

Buriti Oil

Derived from the fruit of the moriche palm, buriti oil has an orange tint. This is due to the high levels of carotenoids in the oil - even more so than carrots themselves - that protect the skin from UV rays and help to improve the skin’s brightness and tone.

Rich in oleic acids, the oil is rich and hydrating and has fast-acting emollient properties. It protects the collagen and elastin in the skin and helps to keep the skin firm and smooth. The oil sinks deeply into the skin - great for moisturising without blocking up pores.

Lush source this oil directly from producers in Peru who are an NGO and social enterprise with the vision of empowering small scale collectors and producers of raw materials from the Amazon and the Andean highlands.