Blue Spirulina Extract

Arthrospira platensis



Blue skies and no fluffy white clouds... that's the landscape painted on products by this naturally colouring extract. The algae contains more protein than fish or cereals, and almost all the amino acids that are essential to human life, making it a renowned cosmetic ingredient, boosting skin and hair radiance and good health.

Blue Spirulina Extract

Spirulina is a type of photosynthetic bacteria from the cyanobacteria group, although it can also be classified as an algae (a group of which seaweeds are part of). It is usually found in moist soils and aquatic environments and is grown and harvested intensely around the globe. It is mostly being sold as a probiotic or a diet supplement, but found its way in the cosmetic industry throughout the years as a blue natural pigment and great antioxidant, encouraging skin's firmness and glow.