Black Sesame Seed Milk

Sesamum indicum



Soothing and hydrating, black sesame milk has amazing antioxidant properties thanks to its high content of vitamin B and polyphenols (such as sesamin). It will therefore help keep the skin supple and glowing while promoting elasticity and tone.

Black Sesame Seed Milk

Also known as Benne or Gingili, sesame is an annual plant that belongs to the family Pedaliaceae, a widely varied plant family mainly originating from Asia and North Africa.

Different varieties can grow from 0.5-2.5m (2-9 feet) tall and their stems support leaves as well as rose-coloured flowers. Each flower is a bell-celled capsule for many black and white seeds that once ripe, will pop free from the capsule, scatter, and be ready for harvest.

The nutty-scented milk is obtained by mixing sesame seeds with water and then straining the blend to remove the remaining hulls of the seeds.

Fun fact, the saying 'open sesame' in the Arabian Nights tale comes from the fact that at the time, some believed that sesame seeds had magical powers. They were supposed to open locks and hidden paths, as well as bring good fortune.