Black Pepper Oil

Piper nigrum



Black pepper oil is amazing - in perfumes, its pungent scent radiates warmth. Black pepper oil is amazing - in skincare and massage oils it relieves aching joints and sore muscles. Black pepper oil is amazing - in haircare it stimulates blood circulation and thus healthy hair growth. You got it, black pepper oil is amazing.

Black Pepper Oil

Piper nigrum is a vine native to southern India. It grows hanging clusters of little, berry-like fruits of green colour. Once ripe, these fruits are left to dry which turns them black and enhances their pungent pepper smell.

It’s a euphemism to say that the spice trade has changed the course of history, and black pepper is probably the best example. Despite the distances, it was already famous in Europe during antiquity and medieval times, and was the most sought-after spice to flavour the bland dishes of the wealthy. It was so rare and expensive that it could be used as currency.

The oil is obtained from the dried peppercorns by steam distillation. Lush purchase it from different suppliers depending on availability, but the raw spice is always grown in the south of India.