Banana Extract

Musa acuminata



If you’ve ever indulged in banana-flavoured confectionery, you’ve most likely encountered banana extract before. This sweet material gives such a delicious taste and aroma to desserts, so why not use it in cosmetics?

Banana Extract

The banana plant is a huge, perennial herb. Its trunk consists of tightly wrapped leaf sheaths, with the stem pushing up from the centre to grow flower spikes or buds. Blossoms grow into upturned ‘fingers’, and there can be as many as twenty in each bunch. Some plants have been in production for over a hundred years.

Where most extracts are made with the common yellow bananas, we use bananas with a red-purple hue! Richer in carotenoids and vitamin C than their yellow counterparts, the funky-coloured fruits are excellent antioxidants that keep skin firm and radiant.

Banana extract, although sweet in taste, is generally very low in sugar levels. This makes it the perfect addition to flavour mouth and lip care products without going bananas over tooth decay.