Banana and Oat Decoction

Musa paradisiaca; Avena sativa



Bananas and oats are so popular at breakfast because they make such a delicious combination. So why not put them on the skin? In this decoction, the moisturising and softening banana mixes with the oatmeal which produces a soothing milk as it soaks in hot water.

Banana and Oat Decoction

Oats are one of the most cultivated cereals in the world along with wheat and rice. They have also been used for thousands of years as a way to soothe and treat the skin topically. The use of oats and the extracts made from them first became popular as a cosmetic ingredient during the 1930s when their power to relieve itching and protect the skin became widely known.

Fully ripened bananas have anti-fungal properties in their skin and pulp. They are emollient and highly moisturising; when applied topically they soften the skin, making it supple and pliable. They consist of 12% starch and lots of fibre, giving them the texture that we love. All the fresh bananas used in Lush products are Fair Trade and organic.